Scala tutorial

Scala seems to be an interesting language to learn and use. Unfortunatelly, I don't like any of Scala tutorials available on the Scala homepage.

The aim of this project is to provide a good-quality Scala tutorial for programmers, a tutorial inspired by the famous Java tutorial.

For now, the tutorial is far from being complete; I don't find it a good place to start learning Scala. In fact, I'm still learning Scala myself… But the project has started and there is some material available. And there is a vision of some future content as well.

If you're a Scala programmer (or, perhaps, even one of its creators?), you can help. Just read what I have written so far, and give me any feedback. I'll be thankful especially for bug reports ang suggestions for further topics and structure of the tutorial. You can use this forum to post any comments, if you don't want to send e-mails to me.