JzrLib is meant to be a library for accessing Bazaar repositories and/or branches from Java. In another words: it is meant to be a bridge between Bazaar and the Java platform.

The main goal of developing JzrLib is a Bazaar plugin for NetBeans I'm going to write.

There are some similar solutions of the problem JzrLib tries to solve. In particular, the Bazaar plugin for Eclipse is being developed. I have taken a look at its code, and I wasn't able to understand it. Perhaps it's because I'm a poor programmer, perhaps it's just the fact that I'm not familiar with Eclipse platform. Anyway I decided to write my own library in order to write the mentioned Bazaar plugin for NetBeans (my favourite IDE).


  • I have stopped the development of this project. The reason is simple: I'm trying to make a Bazaar plugin for the NetBeans IDE using an another library, Java interface for Bazaar. The library is much more advanced and mature, and it's used by plugins for the Eclipse and InteliIdea IDEs. My primary goal is to develop a plugin for NetBeans, not a Java wrapper for Bazaar, so I think I'll give this "Java interface for Bazaar" (what a name!) a try.
  • Yes, I'm alive. Aliens haven't taken me (at least not this time) ;) But more seriously: I've had a lot of work to do (including the work I do for living) and many problems of technical nature, so I wasn't able to work on JzrLib. I have been thinking about it, though. I came to some conclusions regarding JzrLib API.


JzrLib API

Potential problems

There are many issues which must be solved:

  • Bazaar is in active development. Which version the JzrLib library should target? The latest one, or perhaps it should "update" every six months/weeks or so?


At the moment only the development version is available for download. You can find more instructions here (Bazaar is required).