Ta strona jest również dostępna w języku polskim.

Unfortunately, I'm too busy to work on any projects in my spare time (the truth is I hardly have any spare time!). All the following projects are dead. They are available here just for one reason: to show my interests to anybody who cares, or who would like to know about them.


JzrLib - a free Java wrapper-library for the Bazaar CVS. (The development of this project has beed stopped.)

A Clojure distribution - a distribution of the Clojure programming language and some useful Clojure and Java libraries. (The development of this has been stopped. I've lost interest in Clojure. If I become intersted in this language again, I might start to continue this work.)

External projects

TexMaker - a free LaTeX editor, written in C++, with the Qt library. (The development of this project has stopped due to lack of time.)