TexMaker is a free LaTeX editor, written in C++, with the Qt library. I have chosen it because it's light and useful. It lacks some features I need, though. Therefore I decided to add them by myself (although I'm not an expert in C++).

The most recent version

The most recent version I have worked on is 1.7.1-1. You can get the sources here.

Implemented features

The following features have been implemented:

  • Inserted text keeps indentation level.

Development focus

Currently my development focus on the following features:

  • Abbreviations. After typing an abbreviation and pressing the TAB key, the typed abbreviation is replaced with predefined full text. For example, after typing "\li" ("li" stands for "list - items") this text will be replaced with the following one:

Planned features

I'm also planning the following features:

  • After the text in the current line in the editor reaches some predefined column, it will be automatically split into the next line. It should work similar to the ":set tw=<some number>" option known from the excellent Vim editor.
  • Current line highlighting colour should've been available to choose.
  • The "close the tab" button should be placed on the tab, instead of the toolbar.